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With a wide-range of makes and models, our public auctions are a great resource for private buyers looking to get a deal on a quality pre-owned vehicle. We also stock a wide range of fleet and government vehicles, which are some of the most reliable and well-maintained vehicles available for resale.

Buy Online. Sign up Forgot Password. Corpus Christi Auto Auction www. Toyota Tercels with so much mileage that their odometers have worn off the printed numerals. Plain sedans, base model pickups and early '90s Pontiac Firebirds confiscated in drug stings. Cars you can get cheap—maybe.

Interest in these auctions has boomed as the economy stays stagnated and credit rules have tightened. Buyers who formerly could qualify for auto loans on new or solid used cars now find they need to shop with cash. But the United States is a country built around the automobile, and it's a lot easier to get a job if you have a car to drive to the interview, so for many people car auctions are a way to fill the need.

Here's a quick rundown on both and 10 tips for getting the most out of either. That is, if you dare to venture into the auction pit. Note: Online auctions like eBay are an entirely different beast, and through the use of independent inspection services, maybe even a safer bet. But that's a subject for another time.

City Auctions

And for those of you bidding in a televised auction, we do have one piece of advice: Don't get so excited that you spill your mimosa. And they want to sell all of it," Lang says.

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Texas Car Auctions Open to the Public - Used cars, trucks, and vans from dealers and banks in Texas including Dallas, Ft Worth, Austin San Antonio, Houston. Cheap used cars and trucks in stock. They go fast at Texas Bank Repo Auto Auctions! Search Texas auto auctions' inventories online for free – no memberships.

You'll know what you're getting. So you'd better have a sharp eye.

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Make that a sharp, trained, cynical, wary, pessimistic and rabidly suspicious eye. But the competition at county auctions is brutal and it's only getting stronger. A lot of the school buses and trucks get bought by brokers looking to ship them overseas to poorer countries that will use them for public transportation. These are guys who go to government auctions all the time, know what to pay and know a lemon when they see it. You won't be the only bargain hunter out there.

Buying a car at government auction used to guarantee a bargain, that's not true any more.

The only people who should go to public auctions are those who are exceptional in their mechanical inclination and training. If you can't fix a car, don't go to a public auction. As the action at public auctions has grown hotter, the cars have grown shadier.

Cars at public auctions are often those that wouldn't sell at wholesale dealer auctions. Yes, some are flood vehicles, and Hurricane Irene should still be fresh in your mind. Some are cars quickly reconditioned in dealership shops to fill in slow periods when there's otherwise little work to be done. Individuals can sell their vehicles through the Greater Tyler Auto Auction. For more information on these requirements, please call Thank you! As a result, any missed vehicles during the sale and all other issues should be taken up with the customers Internet Service Provider or a computer support vendor.

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